Dandelion is primarily a detoxifier and a diuretic.It is the most effective of all herbs for detoxifying the body. Low in calories but high in fibre, vitamin K, A and C.Helps with rheumatism,clears gout, eases pain and stiff joints and helps to detoxify the body after a hangover, over indulging or eating junk food.

Dandelion leaves: Promote eye health, aid in Weight Loss and protect the Liver.They can be steamed, sautéed or even eaten raw.Eat three fresh leaves in a salad each day, the younger the leaves are, the better they taste.

After cleaning and preparing the plant, pour hot watering over the top of green leaves in a tea pot, let it steep 5-10 min and then drink the tea(1 or 2 cups a day).Dandelion flower can be sprinkled on omelettes or  salads to give it some colour.Dandelion root: help reduce inflammation in the body,reduces cholesterol, rich in antioxidants, supports liver health and fights bacteria.