Sunday lunch drizzling with olive oil

Enjoying a delicious meal with friends in the Alps, crunching to start off on Kale chips I covered in Olive oil and a dash of paprika, then baked at 70C for 40 mins.Followed by a fruity mango and banana curry on a bed of dal and baked fennel slices, all using olive oil. Just to finish off with a vegan cashew nut and raspberry dessert.

 Try to choose Extra Virgin Olive Oil that has been cold-pressed. Take care not to heat the olive oil above 210 C.Keep the temperature at or below180 C when cooking.Do not let the oil smoke.Store oil it in a dark glass bottle this prevents the oxidation of the oil.But above all….use Olive Oil on a daily basis as part of your daily habits and regime, to improve health and you will feel the difference.